GFBC is blessed with a very active community of Senior Adults. We offer great opportunities for older adults to get to know others who care about them and to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Some of the opportunities we enjoy are weekly Worship and Bible Study; monthly Fellowship Luncheons; exciting Day Trips; Spring & Fall Bible Conference Retreats; lifegroups and much more.

Weekly Happenings for Senior Adults at GFBC

Sunday | 8:00, 9:15 & 10:50 AM | North Campus
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Sounds of Joy - Senior Adult Choir Rehearsal
Wednesday | 9:00 AM | Fellowship Hall (South Campus)

W.O.W. - Worship on Wednesday
Wednesday | 10:00 AM | Fellowship Hall (South Campus)

Upcoming Events


Bring a Covered Dish and join us for our monthly Covered Dish Fellowship Luncheon. No agenda—Just a fun time of friendship and fellowship around the table.

David Jeremiah | Charlie Daniels | Jason Crabb | Charles Billingsley
Phil Waldrep | Tim Lovelace | Greater Vision | The Mark Trammell Quartet
The Annie Moses Band | Jim & Melissa Brady | The Mylon Hayes Family
Celebrators Conference combines one of the most beautiful places in America with four days and three nights of inspirational moments featuring some of your favorite speakers, musicians and entertainers.
Cost includes Conference, Lodging and Motor Coach Transportation.
$50 Deposit Needed to Secure Your Reservation.
Contact the Senior Adult Office at 205-488-8715 for Information.

Senior Adult Sunday lifegroups

Empty Nesters - Coed 55+

8:00 AM | Room 101
The Empty Nesters lifegroup is a vibrant group of older adults that aren't quite ready to call themselves "Seniors." These young at heart individuals enjoy topical Bible Study and a strong sense of community.

Goodwill Class - Coed 65+

8:00 AM | Room 103
The Goodwill Class is one of our longest tenured lifegroups here at GFBC. Many in this group have grown and matured together over the years but are always excited to welcome new people that are looking to grow in their walk with Christ.

Lydia Class - Ladies 65+

8:00 AM | Room 108
The Lydia Class has a heart for missions. This ladies' lifegroup strives to develop an intimate walk with the Lord while recognizing God's call in each believer to take the Gospel across the street and around the world.

Andrew Class - Men 65+

8:00 AM | Room 110
The Andrew Class realizes that retirement is no reason to slow down in growing in the wisdom and truth of God's Word. The community of this men's lifegroup believes that iron sharpens iron.

Swanson Class - Men 65+

8:00 AM | Room 109
The Swanson Class utilizes 2 key components essential to a men's lifegroup. Scripture application and brotherhood. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken

Harold Dykes Class - Coed 65+

8:00 AM | Room 202
The Harold Dykes Class brings to the GFBC family a unique togetherness in it's lifegroup members. Love and laughter make for beautiful friendships while discovering the riches of God's Word.

Faithful Warriors - Coed 65+

8:00 AM | Room 106
The Faithful Warriors Class believes that the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. As this lifegroup experiences LIFE together, we strive to walk in God's power through prayer and digging deeper into God's Word.

Welcome/Martin Class - Coed 65+

8:00 AM | Room 201
The Welcome/Martin Class is a lifegroup that has been two separate loving, faithful classes at GFBC for many years. These two groups joined together in the Spring of 2019 to form one vibrant community with the desire to be a sustained witness for the Kingdom of God. Their purpose is evidenced by their passion for God's Word.

Hearts in One Accord - Coed 55+

9:15 AM | Room 108
The Hearts in One Accord Class knows that being discipled in God's Word also calls us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Life application of Biblical instruction is at the heart of this lifegroup.

H.Y. Beasley Class - Coed 55+

9:15 AM | Room 112
The H.Y. Beasley Class understands that aging in an ever-changing world that seems to be moving at the speed of light has it's challenges. Community among this lifegroup make all the difference as we share those challenges together. With so much that is changing in today's fast-paced world, there is one constant that eternally remains... God's Word.

Joy Class - Ladies 65+

9:15 AM | Room 201
The Joy Class knows that the community of a lifegroup is the backdrop that sets the stage for spiritual maturity through the discipleship and life application of God's Word. We are stronger together...

Kingdom Seekers - Coed 55+

10:50 AM | Room 101
The Kingdom Seekers lifegroup believes that God's purpose for our lives is revealed in the journey as we seek to grow in our relationship with Jesus. God has a plan for your life! But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

Faith Mission - Ladies 65+

10:50 AM | Room 201
The Faith Mission Class has a common thread among this lifegroup: to strive to bless others as we live our lives for God's glory. As the Body of Christ, we impact one another in all that we do. God's Word teaches us to sew seeds of faith into the people around us.

Grace - Ladies 55+

10:50 AM | Room 202
There is an acrostic for GRACE - God's Riches At Christ's Expense. As these ladies study God's Word, the Grace lifegroup challenges one another to look inward and discover God's riches through a relationship with Christ AND to love outward as Christ has loved them through His unconditional love and grace.