What a joy it is to introduce you to Gardendale! We are committed to helping every person discover “true” life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, dynamic worship and practical Bible Study. At Gardendale you will find that we are real people with real problems, but we are worshiping a real God with real solutions! Come join the team as we journey through life together!

GFBC Top Ten Shared Values

  1. We are servant leaders. We follow the model of Jesus Christ by providing encouragement and ministry to those around us.
  2. We believe in equipping and empowering the members of our church family for effective and meaningful ministry. Every member is a minister.
  3. We will always make room for "one more…whatever it takes!"
  4. Our aim is excellence! What we do, we do to the best of our ability for the glory of God. Mistakes happen but we will learn from them…not excuse them.
  5. We are committed to being a team...one for all and all for one! We will pitch in to help others do whatever is necessary to get the job done and done well. When one wins, we all win!
  6. We are peacemakers! Conflict and disagreements will be resolved with Biblical model. We extend grace freely! We will be known for our loving, not our fighting!
  7. We will keep our word! We will demonstrate value and respect to our colleagues by fulfilling our commitments in a timely manner.
  8. We will go to extraordinary lengths to meet the needs of any member or guest. We are in the people business!
  9. Sundays and Wednesdays are our priority! We will keep the main thing, the main thing. Events and activities will not interfere with making Sunday and Wednesday our primary focus. 
  10. We represent the Lord and GFBC on and off campus! We will always be positive and loyal about our church family.